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PVCu Windows Newark-on-Trent

PVCu Windows

Sherwood Windows can solve all your double glazing problems using the latest PVCu windows.


Over recent years uPVC, or un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, has become the industry standard material used in double glazing windows. There are numerous advantages to uPVC all of which have contributed to its standing.

Value For Money

Everyone is going to consider cost when having double glazing installed. uPVC is by far the cheapest material available and is far more affordable than aluminium or a quality timber. However, while this is a major advantage, it is by no means the only benefit of the material.


Low Maintenance

A great feature of uPVC is that it is extremely low maintenance. While aluminium is resilient it still needs some attention from time to time. uPVC on the other hand will never rot, flake, rust or fade. Apart from an occasional quick wipe to keep the window clean, uPVC doesn’t need any other maintenance work so you can be sure there won’t be any future costs or time wasting.


uPVC is by far the most durable material used in double glazing. Aluminium can rust (oxidise) and timber can rot. uPVC is strong, tough and doesn’t wear down. It is very unlikely that uPVC will ever wear down and we are so confident of this that we offer a unique insurance backed 10 year guarantee.


Thanks to its strength and robustness, uPVC is extremely reliable when it comes to security. All our frames are constructed to the utmost strength with its added galvanised steel reinforcing and locking systems which makes them near impossible to break through or damage.

Insulation & Sound Proofing

An important factor to consider when installing double glazing is how much it will increase the energy efficiency of your home. uPVC windows are excellent insulators and will significantly reduce the amount of heating your home or conservatory requires. uPVC is a far better insulator than aluminium and it is also very competent at keeping noise out. Therefore, our uPVC windows will result in you having a quitter and warmer home.


Visual Appearance

Many people have the misconception that uPVCu windows are ugly and are all plain white plastic. However, Sherwood Windows is pleased to be able to offer uPVCu windows in over 180 Ral Colours, plus the Farrow & Ball and The Little Paint Company as well as with Rosewood and Golden Oak finishes. This means that we can make sure we retain or add the character of your property and your new double glazing won’t look remotely out of place.


All our uPVC windows are manufactured to the highest possible standards. For more information please see our Double Glazing page


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