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Porches Newark-on-Trent

PVCu Porches

Sherwood Windows is able to offer you a complete service for designing, building and of course double glazing your porch.


There are many advantages to adding a porch to your home, not only does a well-designed porch make your home more appealing and hence valuable, it can also significantly help improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Our porches are made from only the best quality materials available and all Sherwood Windows products come with a unique insurance backed 10 year guarantee so don’t have to worry about future problems. There are more advantages than most people realise to having a porch with double glazed uPVC windows, they range from improved sound proofing to a reduction in heating expenses. In fact, customers who have had double glazed porches installed have found that heating costs have fallen by up to 12%!

Protection Against The Weather

Our uPVC double glazed windows help reduce heat loss by up to 60%. Air is trapped between the glass panes in uPVC double glazing; this forms an insulatory layer which helps protect your home from harsh weather conditions. The weather proofing technology will help keep the heat inside your home during winter and conversely, it will also help keep the house cool in summer. Porches can also be glazed with the Planitherm softcoat Low E glass. This improves the U value to around 1.1. Of course, this means that all our porches are environmentally friendly as they will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Avoid Noise Pollution

Not only do our uPVC porches help improve energy efficiency, thanks to their thickness and the insulation layer of air, they will also help soundproof your home. Our high quality installations will help prevent noise seeping in and allow you to relax in a quieter home.Right from the outset Sherwood Windows will ensure that we consider all your needs when designing a new porch for your home. All our porches are constructed with the utmost care for quality and with minimal disruption to your life. Thanks to a huge range of designs available you’ll be glad you chose Sherwood Windows to install your new double glazed porch.

Doors, Canopies & Carports

Sherwood Windows also does a range of GRP Door Canopies. With a choice of different styles to suit any home.


Our carports / canopies comes in two styles. First in power coated aluminium system with integrated downpipes in the support legs. Second is a cantilever type with no legs. Both these systems make great carports and comes many module sizes to suit most applications. Also these can make great canopies to cover patio areas.  

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