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Double Glazing Newark-on-Trent

Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazing Windows are simply windows with double glass panes which are slightly separated in order to reduce heat loss from your house and also help dampen outside noise. The major advantage of double glazed windows is that you will require less energy in order to heat your home or conservatory. Here at Sherwood Windows we are happy to install the highest quality double glazing throughout houses and conservatories. We manufacture all our double glazed replacement windows using a system designed by Kommerling. Installation of new windows, or even double glazed doors, takes no time at all and you’re sure to benefit from the improvements they bring to your home.


PVC-u Windows

All our windows are made from PVCu, a strong and durable plastic. Over the last few decades PVCu has replaced wood to become the industry standard. A major advantage of PVCu is that it requires virtually no maintenance, and unlike wood, it doesn’t shrink , wrap or rot. Furthermore, it is quick and easy to install, very easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colours. By choosing Sherwood Windows’ PVCu windows with Kommerling profiles you can be sure that your new windows will be of the highest quality and blend in perfectly with your home.

Casement Windows

Many people like the sight lines of timber windows and with our Kommerling C70 system windows give a very similar look . Our double glazed windows all have Ogee glazing beads (the moulding at the edge of the pane of glass to hold it in place) and chamfered edges. There are a number of surface colours available for your new windows; there are wood finishes such as White, Rosewood, Irish Oak and Golden Oak as well as having them colour bonded in a choice of over 180 Ral , Farrow & Ball or Little Paint Company colours. You can even have different colours on either side of the window.

Almost any style of double glazing can be created from PVCu; we can build whatever you desire such as bays & bow windows, arched, circular, octagonal, triangular or even Georgian style including a 3D external bar for an authentic cottage effect. We can also provide you with traditional vertical sliding sash windows complete with sash horns and authentic Georgian bars.In a domestic property all frames fitted have to be glazed with the minimum of Pilkington K glass or equivalent Hardcoat Low E glass. This technology used in double glazing is extremely useful as it prevents heat escaping through the glass and lowers the amount of energy (and hence cost) needed to heat a room. At Sherwood Windows we use “Planitherm” Softcoat Low E glass which improves the U value (the amount of heat lost) of the frames by 30%, to a U value of around 1.1.

Of course it goes without saying that all our casement double glazed windows are built with security in mind, they come with security hinges, Trident hook locking system, and locking handles so you don’t need to worry about anyone breaking in

Vertical Sliders

Our vertical sliding windows are also made from PVCu and look 100% authentic including the horns, furniture and section sizes of the sashes. Best of all thanks to the modern technology and double glazing, unlike with timber originals, you will not get any drafts coming through into your home.

Secondary Glazing

This was the original way of double glazing your home, but still has its place such as in listed buildings or where you wish to keep the original old period style timber windows. Our secondary Glazing system is a very nice neat, simple system which works very well. Comes in white and brown finish. This is also a very efficient way of sound proofing your home especially when used in conjunction with our standard double glazed windows system. This is what is used on air traffic routes and very busy road traffic areas. Do note this is no longer a cheap method of double glazing your home.


Our 10 Year Guarantee

Whichever of our double glazing products you choose, whether its windows or doors, for your home or conservatory, all of our products come with a full insurance backed 10 year guarantee so you can be confident in your purchases.
Click here to download the Planitherm brochure on the importance of energy efficient windows.
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